What are some of the most popular porn categories?

What are some of the most popular porn categories?

Pornography has come a long way the past few decades. Thanks to technology, people can view porn a lot easier than in the past. They are also able to find all types of free porn pics, milf sex pics and mature GIFS online, among other porn material. In addition, websites collect data to understand what their visitors enjoy the most. This allows them to see what types of porn pics and material is most popular. The fact is that there are countless of porn categories to see these days. While some web pages cater to specific types, others try to carry all of them. Still, because of technology, Smartphones and other criteria, the genres continue to grow each day.

It is very easy to find regular porn pictures or mature GIFS of what most would consider normal porn. However, you also have some wild and outrageous porn pics or genres as well. There are some adult websites which have over 50 kinds of categories. Others have even more than that including virtual reality, vintage, urination, bestiality and figurines. While the aforementioned may not be as popular and widely known as Japanese, lesbian, hentai, ebony, milf or amateur, they are still out there. Search engines and some of the most popular porn sites in the world do have the numbers. These are the most popular and widely searched for porn categories in the adult world.

Lesbians – There is something about two hot girls kissing and having sex that turns anyone on. That may explain why girl on girl porn or lesbian porn pics are among the most popular on the web today. While some may think that this is only watched by gay or lesbian women, that is not the case. Porn pics and sex gifs dealing with lesbians are largely viewed by heterosexual males. Men get off – literally – watching hot girls fuck each other or suck one another’s pussies. Also, so do women.

Hentai – No one would ever guessed that cartoons would be one of the most popular porn categories in the world. But, according to user data from top sites such as PornHub, it is. Hentai refers to Japanese animated porn. In these hentai porn pics, hentai porn GIFS and hentai porn videos, there is graphic animated sex going on. You can see luscious and sexy Japanese girls fucking, sucking and doing all kinds of sexual acts. The hentai porn GIFS show beautiful Asian girls with huge tits as they take big cocks up their tight Asian pussies.

Milf (Mature Women) – Fantasies play a big role in what types of free porn pics and porn GIFS people search for. Many men and women have a thing for MILFs. Mature women with big tits, hot bodies and beautiful faces are more popular than ever. It is one of the reasons milf sex pics, milf sex gifs and mature GIFS are so widely searched for. People fantasize about having sex with older women all the time. It could be someone’s hot mom or a sexy looking librarian. No matter which milf it is, users just can’t get enough of them.

Ebony – Any free porn pics showing hot ebony girls are awesome. This is why the ebony or black genre is another one of those most popular porn categories today. A lot of women want to see black men with huge cocks fuck white girls. Or just fuck any woman with their giant black dicks. Others are also looking for sexy and titillating black girls showing their huge asses. Who doesn’t want to see porn pics or porn GIFS of an ebony woman taking it up her voluptuous and round ass?

Shemale – Believe it or not, there are many users out there viewing porn pics of shemales. Chicks with dicks as they are called, have become quite popular these days. Thousands of individuals are searching for free porn pics showing shemales. One of the reasons is that men would rather see a woman get fucked by a shemale than by another man. Perhaps this is because of the lesbian factor. After all, seeing a shemale fucking a woman is akin to a lesbian penetrating a girl with a dildo.

Amateurs – The great thing about amateur porn pics is that anyone can get in on the act. Millions of amateurs from around the world take nude pics or record videos of themselves having sex. Some men take photos of their hot wives or sexy girlfriends and upload them to the web. The end result is unlimited amounts of erotic, naughty and lascivious amateur porn pics and porn GIFS. With so much amateur porn out there, it has made it one of the most popular kinds of adult related material available.

Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) – Big is in according to the latest porn categories popularity ratings. People are looking for free porn pics and sex gifs containing big beautiful women. Girls with big curves, chubby or extra weight are very popular right now. Users want to see big women getting fucked from all sides. They also welcome porn pics of BBW showing their huge tits and bodies.