Is Casual Sex On The Rise In America?

Is Casual Sex On The Rise In America?

In today’s modern time, hooking up seems to be all over the place. From Hollywood films to prime time televisions, to videos of songs, the presence of casual sex is quite visible.

Pretty sure, you have the same thoughts in mind…

Is casual sex more popular than ever in America? Has it really changed the attitudes of Americans?

A new research has found that increasingly more Americans got engaged in non-romantic sexual relationships. For instance, Great Britain has reports of oral and anal sex, as well as observed a considerable rise in heterosexual partner counts. The same goes for Denmark and Sweden – an increased rate of sex activity and partner numbers.

Uncommitted sexual intercourses and hookups have been luring large numbers of men and women, changing sexual and social scripts in the US. Such hookup practices may include an extensive variety of sexual behaviors, like kissing, penetrative encounter and oral sex. But oftentimes, these intercourses emerge with no desire for, or promise of a more conventional romantic relationship. The main reason for trying to have sex with someone is, of course, to satiate one’s sexual pleasure.

Anna Carey and Martin Monto of the University of Portland made use of the General Social Survey statistics. The test was made to 18 to 25 young adults who had completed at least 1 year of college. In order to determine the changes in casual sex, they’ve compared answers from the 1988 to 1996 waves with the 2004 to 2012 groups. They raised questions about general sexual behavior and attitudes as well as among the sexually active and types of sexual partners.

And the result?

Respondents from the current year (2004-2012) were more sexually active than those from the previous year (1988-1996). Furthermore, young adults these days were reported to have more cases of casual sex.

What about the sexual attitudes?

The GSS did not ask the attitudes of respondents towards casual sex. Instead, it did ask their attitudes to other forms of sex that could be regarded outside of the mainstream.

According to the responses, the attitudes toward gay sex were the only thing that has changed. The current groups of young adults are more accepting same-sex behavior than past generations.

What causes this sexual revolution?

The reasons vary. One of them is the media, which is being more open about sex. Take 50 Shades of Grey for instance. It’s a massive success on the big screen that evidently confirms that people enjoyed the flow of the story. It tackles how the perspective of the public about sex is changing.

The popularity of internet is also a significant cause, making sex-related information more easily accessible to all. Now, anyone can search for any articles or posts about sex, which include visual stimulation, advice and tutorials.

Physical sex may be rewarding, but there is also physical risk associated with it – sexually transmitted disease is one good example. You can make your own choices regarding this matter; however, you must be fully aware of the possible sexual concurrency and take proper preventative measure to avoid further problems.


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